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Gathering Spots

Home of Plattform Paradies e.V.
Bahnhofstraße 67,
16835 Lindow (Mark)
Neue Str. 1,
16835 Lindow (Mark)
Mittelstraße 32,
16835 Lindow (Mark)
"Alte Schule"
Mittelstraße 33,
16835 Lindow (Mark)


Mittelstraße 34,
16835 Lindow (Mark)
Hotel am Wutzsee
Straße des Friedens 33, 16835 Lindow (Mark)
Gasthaus am Gudelacksee
Am Gudelacksee 2a, 16835 Lindow (Mark)
Hotel Krone
Straße des Friedens 11, 16835 Lindow (Mark)
Ratskeller Lindow
Straße des Friedens 21, 16835 Lindow (Mark)

About Lindow

Lindow is a small town with 3,000 inhabitants in north-western Brandenburg, beautifully situated between three lakes and surrounded by forests. Lindow is halfway between Berlin and Hamburg, though not directly on the route.

Not least because of its location, Lindow is also a place for tourists, with most being day-trippers either traveling from Berlin or holidaying in the area. Some Berliners and Hamburgers also have weekend homes in Lindow or the surrounding area. Lindow was already a resort in GDR times.

The Salus Clinic, which specializes in addiction therapy and is located a little outside the town, also contributes to tourism in the city.

Facts & Figures

In 2020, the average age in Lindow was 50, with the 55-64 age group being the strongest at just under 20%.

In the townscape, it is noticeable that many buildings are vacant, including historic buildings. Ownership is often difficult to ascertain, but it is generally believed that many of these buildings have been sold to people outside the town.

Lindow is also home to the ruins of a Cistercian nunnery described by Theodor Fontane in his “Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg” (Walks through the Mark of Brandenburg), which was the model for the “Wutz Monastery” in his novel “Der Stechlin”.

Plattform Paradies
& Lindow

Plattform Paradies creates encounters, encourages social interaction, and builds community through cultural activities in Lindow (Mark) and Ostprignitz-Ruppin, Germany. The Platform’s current seven members concentrate on revitalizing the train station in Lindow (Mark), which is currently renovated as a community space for hosting diverse activities and projects. This train station will be the main gathering area for MitMission this year.


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